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Ways to Hide Hair Loss after Pregnancy

Ways to Hide Hair Loss after Pregnancy

Most women suffer from gradual or sudden hair loss after pregnancy and also during pregnancy. This is mainly due to “raging hormones”.

Hair loss after pregnancy can be noticed in different times – after parturition or after nursing stopped. Most of the women get startled after seeing clumps of hair coming out while showering or during combing. It is widely noticed that most of the women experience hair loss after pregnancy especially around six months after childbirth.

Hair loss after pregnancy is mainly due to the fact that women’s body is nourishing the new born rather than feeding the hair because the infant and the mother are the important persons not the hair.

There are other reasonso for hair loss after childbirth. The hormones, which are causing normal hair loss are completely lost during pregnancy. Hence normal shedding of hair is not noticed while pregnant. Once the baby comes out of the womb, the women’s body returns to normal and the hair, which have not fallen during pregnancy start to shed in conspicuous bundles. The hair loss after pregnancy is mostly noticed in the areas around the ears, close to the hairline, and near the temples.

There are so many hair styles available from different hairdressers for the lactating mothers. One of the wonderful options for coiffing hair to perfection regardless of current hair situation is using super volumizing tonic by these mothers to correct hair falling. This hair growth product is free from alcohol, and is also natural and is readily available at drugstores.

Another idea to correct hair loss after pregnancy is to go for a better cut or new hair style.
Most of the new moms don’t have enough time to go for different hair care designs in order to hide the hair loss after pregnancy. So ask your hubby to baby-sit while the new mom may find little time to look after their hair to camouflage the hair-lessened areas.

If you find enough time to look after your hair despite your new baby, the hair loss after pregnancy can be taken care by having woven with lowlights around your face to improve your skin and face by masking the hair falling.

Finally, you can choose hair accessories such as ponytail with hanging pearls. These hair accessories can be used as useful hair-helpers to mask hair loss.

Even headbands are the perfect fit in areas of hair loss especially near the temple or over the ears and around the hairline. A beautiful twist or bun can be easily created in seconds using claw or condor clip by the busy new moms..

By adopting these ways, the temporary hair loss after pregnancy can easily be handled for attending any evening event with their new born. Happy weekend with no fear of hair loss after pregnancy!

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