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Expert Tips To Treat Your Hair Right

Expert Tips To Treat Your Hair Right

No matter what women do to their hair, they are looking for answers on how to treat it right. According to a recent survey, two-thirds of women (66 percent) say they would like one-on-one advice on hair care. Hair care expert Gretchen Monahan, the East Coast’s most dynamic beauty and fashion trendsetter for the last 10 years, knows the importance of expert hair care.

“Considering all the things that women do to their hair, care that targets specific levels and types of damage is essential for healthy, beautiful hair,” said Monahan.

This call has been answered: The Dove Hair Care Hotline, as debuted on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” is the ultimate destination for individualized hair care solutions. Monahan has lent her breadth of knowledge, enabling an expert staff to provide women with one-on-one advice for whatever they do to their hair.

Here is a preview of expert tips you can receive by calling the Hair Care Hotline:

Color: A New Routine

• Two out of three women (66 percent) color their hair and should be aware that the effects of lightening and darkening are not the same.

• Lightened or highlighted hair has been stripped of its color to achieve a lighter shade, which may eventually leave it feeling dry. To help revive hair structure, making it feel noticeably soft, smooth and luminous, Monahan recommends washing daily with Dove Advanced Color Care For Lightened or Highlighted Hair.

• Hair colored darker or similar to its natural shade may eventually lose its luster and new color-coated feel. To preserve the smoothness and softness of hair and enhance color quality, Monahan recommends washing daily with Dove Advanced Color Care For Hair Colored Darker or Similar to its Natural Shade.

The different things women do to their hair require different kinds of care. Whether women style their hair with brushes or flatirons, they could be damaging it slightly or more severely. Colorers should know that the effects of lightening and darkening are not the same.

Damage: How to Hydrate

• More than three-quarters of women (76 percent) think their hair is at least somewhat damaged.

• Deep conditioning is an important part of keeping hair healthy, but many women ignore the telltale signs that their locks are in need of such attention. Roughness, dryness, brittleness and frizz are just some of the symptoms of dry hair that signal the need for extra care.

• Applying a deep conditioning mask will help repair the damaged hair by intensely hydrating hair and reducing breakage. Women should choose one that is right for their hair type.

Styling: Ride the Waves

• Stop fighting nature! Rather than combating curls and spending time straightening hair with a flatiron, women can cut down on their daily beauty routines by embracing their natural waves.

• To prevent frizz during the drying process, try not to touch or scrunch hair.

• If time permits, dry hair overnight and maximize waves by twisting hair into a bun and securing with a cloth hair band to prevent kinking. In the morning, let hair down and smooth waves with a lightweight styling cream to finish the look.

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