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Did You Say, Painless, Permanent Hair Removal?

Did You Say, Painless, Permanent Hair Removal?

Read more to find out the truth about hair removal.

Hair removal has been a problem for thousands of years. For most of that time, true hair removal was painful, slow, and often not very effective. Let’s face it the tweezers and pulling one tiny hair at a time is frustrating and not really worth the effort. The eighty percent of women and fifty percent of men that have unwanted hair they’d like to have removed seem to be constantly searching for a better way of hair removal.

Most types of hair removal can be painful and will cause irritation to the skin. You’ll see advertisements for painless hair removal. More often than not the truth is there may be some discomfort.

Common Types of Hair Removal

Shaving – Time consuming, and often leaves cuts and razor burn. Doesn’t remove the hair follicle, therefore it must be done regularly as the hair grows.

Electrolysis – Also, time consuming. The process may or may not be painful. Electrolysis achieves permanent hair removal by using electrical impulses designed to reach the follicle of the hair where growth occurs. Here’s the downside…Each hair must be treated individually. The success and the level of pain depends much on the experience and the level of training the person giving the treatment has had.

Depilatories and Creams- Designed to dissolve the hair; these may or may not work. The thickness of the hair being treated plays a major part in the level of success. In addition, some of these creams may irritate the skin and leave you with a condition much like razor burn.

If you’re looking for top of the line hair removal treatments, your best solution is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal has more than one benefit. It’s available for many areas of your body: face, neck, arms, back, legs, thighs, shoulders, and bikini hair removal are all possible with laser hair removal. It also provides more lasting results than other types of hair removal treatments. Performed by a trained professional laser hair removal provides results with less chance of hair re-growth.

Laser Hair Removal – How Well Does It Work?

Ninety percent of those treated with laser hair removal have permanent hair loss. Ten percent have no results. The thickness of the hair along with other factors play a major role in the success level of laser any hair removal process. The same is true with the laser process. It is important to note that more than one treatment is usually recommended to achieve the best results. After each session, most of the hairs reached by the laser will fall out. Any hair follicles that survive the treatment will start growing hair after roughly six weeks. Most patients have three to five treatments spread two months apart for the best results.

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